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"For approximately 20 years, I have taken Vesicare two times a day and have had to wear Pose Pads for the last five years. After four Emsella treatments, I was able to reduce my Vesicare and simply wear a panty liner. Now that I have completed six treatments, I am considering stopping Vesicare entirely. The Emsella treatments have absolutely changed my life, and I am so thankful that I discovered Emsella. Thank you Bare Envy.”

April, 2019


"Before Emsella my urinary incontinence took over my life. I wouldn’t sit in one spot for too long. I wouldn’t stand too close to people who could smell me. I wore long sweaters just in case. I avoided my husbands advances in shame. I felt guilt and shame taking over my life. I didn’t allow myself to do so many things because of it. I didn’t think Emsella would work for me. Boy was I wrong, in only 6 treatments Emsella changed my life. My confidence is back. I have noticed a huge dramatic difference. Sneezing and coughing I no longer fear. I would say that it is 98% better than when I started. Sexually, I am more sensitive and that side effect has been amazing. My hubby is happy with the results too. I would recommend the Emsella treatment to anyone and everyone. It really was a lifesaver and life changer for me."

November, 2019


"I have been experiencing bladder issues for about year or more to the point where doing jumping jacks or skipping were out of the question at the gym! I would ask the instructor before class what our warm up was going to be! If I knew the answer I would hustle to the bathroom to empty my bladder the best I could!

I was told about the urinary incontinence treatment program at Bare Envy! Well three weeks later and six sessions later, I can now do jumping and skipping without worrying about “p’ing” a little! If you are on the fence about this treatment, don’t hesitate!

I would highly recommend it!"

Thanks, Bare Envy!


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