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See Tomorrow's Skin Today!

DermID is an innovative skin imaging device that uses class 1 technology to allow physicians, aestheticians, and other skincare specialists to "see tomorrow's skin today" by visualizing skin damage and cosmetic concerns that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

DermID was created by an optical scientist and uses proven optically based technology called fluorescence technology. This technology uses a blue light at a depth of 425-460nm that provides aid to skincare specialists in the visualization of damaged skin cells located deep in the dermis layer of the skin. Fluorescence technology paired with yellow lenses creates a frequency that allows users to visualize what the naked eye cannot see, including photodamage, allergy or skin irritation, clogged pores, and other skin conditions.

What Are We Actually Seeing?⁠

Dark Areas – Photodamage⁠

Red – Allergy or Skin Irritation⁠

White Dots – Clogged Pores⁠

DermID allows physicians, and other skincare specialists to: 

  • Rapidly examine a patient and develop a specific skin care treatment regimen 
  • Allow a patient to review the results of their facial examination in real-time and monitor the results of the skincare treatment regimen over time 
  • Easily transport the device from room to room due to its small size and portability 
  • Complete a scan of the face and body in a few minutes 
  • Quickly and easily share the results with a dermatologist, when appropriate and requested

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